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Significant trends associated with the compensatory practices of U.S. listed companies are often reported upon in the mainstream and financial press and other emerging patterns can otherwise be observed through those publicly filed documents that such companies are required to file in accordance with applicable securities law requirements.  However, for the many unlisted and other private companies that are not required to make such filings, the trends, practices and challenges may be harder to assess.  Obtaining key insight from leading practitioners about the private company space thus is highly valuable for those that advise such companies, particularly when the perspectives are shaped by the ever burgeoning legal and regulatory landscape and the commercial lens.  While this program is designed to examine some of the most current legal and commercial compensatory trends for private companies, the lessons to be learned should have broad appeal.   Like their publicly-traded company counterparts, private companies, private equity funds and their portfolio companies, startups, and closely-held mature ventures face relentless competitive compensation considerations. 

This program is specifically designed to bring leading experts to discuss cutting edge advanced developments on compensation and other “reward” practices for the non-publicly traded company.  

What You Will Learn

  • Explore leading practitioners’ perspectives on private company compensation trends
  • Understand experienced views on the private equity compensation and carried and similar acquisitive and dispositive compensatory structures
  • Gain insights on turnaround management and performance improvement for troubled companies returning to solvency
  • Analyze interpretive and operational complexities associated with change in control issues
  • Examine the latest legal, tax reform and other regulatory developments, cases and trends of interest

Special Feature 

  • Earn up to one full hour of Ethics credit as our experts analyze issues that arise when advising Boards of Directors on private company compensation issues 


Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: Executive compensation practitioners at law firms and in-house at companies, as well as those business leaders at private equity firms and other privately-held companies – and those at pubic companies that may purchase private companies (or later sell them) – will benefit from this program.

Prerequisites: Some experience working with executive compensation in private companies.

Advanced Preparation: None 

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