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The FBI method of profiling is a process that classifies the major personality and behavioral characteristics of an individual to help the FBI predict that individual’s future behavior.  Similarly, companies have their own personalities and characteristics that drop into predictable trends.   The latest set of AI powered legal tool sets allow lawyers to profile a company for their clients.

Fortunately for the practitioners of law, AI still has a significant set of barriers to interpreting the data results and giving useful legal opinions to its user. Despite these barriers, there are a number of AI techniques and skills that allow a practitioner to “see beyond” the immediate facts and understand client or opponents’ behaviors that will help you anticipate their next moves.  Join us as we teach how to “AI whisper” and stack your tool outcomes into a trusted format.

Mark Stignani, Chair of Analytics/Partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP/former Chair of Analytics at Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, P.A./former in-house counsel at Thomson Reuters, (Westlaw) will teach the following aspects of company profiling:

  • AI whispering defined [5 minutes]
  • Limitations of AI [5 minutes]
  • Tasks where AI is highly useful and how you might embrace its use in your practice [10 minutes]
  • A short stack example; how to interpret the data [15 minutes]
  • A discussion of which data is key for company profiling and why simple tools offer better results for the AI whisperer [10 minutes]
  • Human inferences and how to recognize when the AI is wrong [10 minutes]
  • Conclusions and practice tips for getting started [5 minutes]


Program Level:  Overview

Intended Audience:  Attorneys in private practice, in-house counsel, counsel for non-governmental organizations and think tanks

Prerequisites:  An interest in enhancing the practice of law using analytics and other commercial AI tools

Advanced Preparation:  None

Credit Details

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