12-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

This year’s seminar will explore new and advanced topics in commercial real estate financing. Our faculty of experienced attorneys, in conjunction with non-attorney real estate professionals, will discuss (i) equity capital structures; (ii) what issues matter the most when negotiating Loan Documents; (iii) issues relating to leasehold mortgage financing; (iv) tenant estoppels and subordination, non-disturbance and subordination agreements (SNDAs) and (v) what are the basics about tax credits that a finance lawyer should know. We will also explore recent case law, the process of beginning a loan workout, and what a finance lawyer should know about bankruptcy.


 What You Will Learn

• The state of the commercial mortgage financing market

• Ground leases as collateral, for both landlords and tenants

• Why you may want to skip delivering or accepting an SNDA

• Title insurance coverage and endorsements in multi-state, multi-property transactions

• How guaranties and other loan documents get negotiated

• Bankruptcy law 101 for real estate lawyers

• How does the use of tax credits change the structure of a basic loan transaction

• What should you know if you are asked to handle a workout of a troubled loan

• What do all of those insurance provisions really mean

• How to prevent malpractice in loan closings


Special Features

 • Earn one hour of Ethics credit


Who Should Attend

Commercial real estate attorneys, executives, in-house counsel, investment bankers who acquire and sell real estate, asset managers, and acquisition managers.

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