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If there was ever a doubt about the future of Cloud computing, COVID-19 wiped it out. Business leaders flocked to the cloud to keep their businesses alive. This program will take a look at the impact the pandemic has had on Cloud provide practical advice on the context and business realities around which cloud computing exists; key terms for cloud computing contracts; vendor and customer obligations and responsibilities associated with cloud computing services; the compliance obligations and concerns most important to potential purchasers; policies and procedures to help protect sensitive data in the cloud; transfers of data between cloud computing vendors; and the unique challenges that cloud presents in litigation. This is an opportunity to hear from professionals representing providers and purchasers alike, who will help you understand the unique attributes of cloud computing deals. 

What You Will Learn:

• The Need for Cloud Computing during COVID
• Contract Issues in Cloud Computing Deals 
• Legal Ethics and the Cloud
• Cloud Computing in the Courts: A Consideration of Common Cloud Litigation Issues  
• Privacy & Security Considerations in Cloud Computing

Special Features:

• Earn one hour of Ethics credit

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: All lawyers and allied professionals who need to stay current on the cutting edge of legal issues relating to cloud computing technology.  Business professionals, computer professionals and information managers who need to keep up-to-date with the dramatic changes in this area will also find this program valuable.

Prerequisites: An interest in cutting edge legal issues relating to cloud computing technology. 

Advanced Preparation: None 


Credit Details

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