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In the backdrop of intense trade negotiations between the United States and China which are anchored around intellectual property issues, 2019 may prove to bring more changes to the Chinese Intellectual Property framework than in 2018.   

After combining the State Intellectual Property Office and the Trademark Office to form the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (“CNIPA”) in late 2018, the Chinese government continues its pace for restructuring and modifying the intellectual property system.  In this Briefing, Elizabeth Chien-Hale will focus on some of the most notable changes for 2019:  the role and function of the newly merged CNIPA, the establishment of a national IP appeals court within China’s Supreme People’s Court, and the new, hopefully final amendments, to the Patent Law.

Ms. Chien-Hale of CKR Law will provide:

  • The background information for the new changes to the Chinese IP protection framework
  • The legal ramifications of the new changes to the Chinese IP protection framework
  • Explanations for what these changes may mean for foreign holders of Chinese IP rights




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