7-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

The cannabis industry is growing fast and the legal industry supporting it is growing at the same lightning speed. Firms of all sizes and attorneys in various practice areas are being asked to offer counsel and advice on regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, large-scale disputes, national and international expansion, complicated corporate structures, and the development of domestic and global intellectual portfolios--all while managing the risk involved with operating a business that is still federally unlawful. If you are considering serving cannabis clients or already do so, this is a must-attend program on the legal and business issues you will confront every day. You will learn about the legal landscape in the cannabis industry, the regulatory framework that supports legal, commercial transactions in the cannabis industry, and how to best serve your current or prospective clients as they seek to enter or grow within this emerging legal industry. 

What You Will Learn  

• Understanding how the licensing and regulatory systems operate in California
• Navigating the current licensing and regulatory system to best counsel clients on company and product/services development, compliance, infrastructure and growth
• Examining the intellectual property landscape and learning how an industry that is still federally unlawful can develop a deep and protectable intellectual property portfolio
• Navigating issues around advertising and the role of California and federal agencies in enforcing advertising rules and regulations
• Learning best practices in negotiating and drafting commercial and supply chain agreements in an industry where regulatory concerns and historical practices can sometimes conflict
• Examining what disputes look like in this industry and considering alternative dispute resolutions and alternatives to trial
• Comparing and contrasting legal issues to other regulated industries
• Understanding ethical considerations behind representing a cannabis client 

Who Should Attend

Any attorney who is or plans to serve a cannabis client. Any regulatory compliance attorney serving any industry at all. Beverage law counsel.

Special Features

Ethics -- much needed credits and an understanding of what it means to serve this industry.


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