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Why You Should Attend

Effective representation can make the difference between a family keeping their home and becoming homeless. The housing crisis is only getting worse in California in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; the current economic crisis and tide of displacement leaves more and more people transitioning into homelessness. Successfully defending an unlawful detainer is a profound way to impact a tenant’s life; housing instability and homelessness have long-term harmful consequences.

For newer attorneys with limited litigation experience, the fast-paced unlawful detainer is also an excellent opportunity to develop litigation skills; your case may be heading into trial only a month after the summons and complaint are served.  This training provides the basic knowledge you will need to effectively defend tenants from eviction, including COVID-related protections.


What You Will Learn

  • Procedural basics of the limited jurisdiction unlawful detainer case;
  • How to draft an effective Answer to an Unlawful Detainer Complaint and spot defects in eviction notices;
  • Strategic use of responsive motions to attack faulty notices and complaints;
  • Trial skills, including evidentiary motions;
  • Basics of anti-discrimination laws protecting tenants, and how to assert a fair housing defense in an unlawful detainer;
  • How to defend the rights of Mobile Home residents.


Who Should Attend

All attorneys or law students interested in or currently assisting low-income clients with eviction matters would benefit from this program. 


Interested in learning more? Effective probono counsel in eviction cases can make the difference between stability and homelessness for low-income renters. Learn more in the latest episode of PLI’s Pursuing Justice: The Pro Bono Files, featuring Lorraine López, the chair of PLI’s program California Eviction Defense: Protecting Low-Income Tenants 2022.


Credit Details

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