1-Hour Program

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A law firm or law department cannot fulfill its objectives of diversity, inclusion, and equity if attorneys are silent when instances of discrimination and bias become apparent in the workplace. But, being a silent bystander is easier than being a vocal upstander.  This is especially true in a legal environment where respect for authority and civility are highly valued.  Additionally, the fear of retaliation looms large as individuals weigh their desire for social change with their need for job security and interest in professional advancement.  At this one-hour program, led by Ama Karikari -Yawson and Kira Nurieli of Milestales Publishing and Education Consulting, viewers will learn how to spot situations in which their colleagues are victims of bias and discrimination and specific steps on how to respond.

The agenda includes:

  • Introduction (5 minutes)
  • Defining explicit bias, implicit bias, and microaggressions in the legal environment (15 minutes)
  • Understanding the bystander phenomenon (20 minutes)
  • Upstander intervention techniques (20 minutes)



Credit Details

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