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According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, last year the agency received over 23,000 Business Email Compromise (BEC) complaints.  According to estimates, BEC scams were responsible for more than $1.7 billion of losses in 2019.  Earlier this year Barbara Corcoran, of “Shark Tank” fame, was the victim of a BEC scam.  Like other kinds of cybercrime, BEC scams have become more frequent since the start of the pandemic and their focus now includes COVID-19 related communications and seek to capitalize on the vulnerabilities of companies that were not prepared for their employees to be working remotely.

Our speakers, Gail Gottehrer, Founder of the Law Office of Gail Gottehrer, LLC and Shehzad Mirza, Director of Operations at the Global Cyber Alliance will discuss:

  • What BECs and Email Account Compromises (EACs) are;
  • The trends we’re seeing with BECs during the pandemic;
  • Ways in which companies can protect themselves;
  • What DMARC is and reasons to consider implementing it; and
  • Best practices for training employees to recognize BECs and respond appropriately.


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