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Business email compromise (“BEC”) and phishing are among the most common attack vectors being leveraged by hackers to perpetrate wire fraud, data theft and more invasive system intrusions.  In 2018, the FBI received more than 351,000 reported scams with losses exceeding $2.7 billion.  Lawyers and law firms are a prime target for such attacks, but a few key changes in security practices can drastically cut down the risk of a compromise, as well as provide the means to effectively investigate and recover from such events.

Please join Mark H. Francis, Partner at Holland & Knight LLP and Matthew Gayford, Principal Consultant at The Crypsis Group for some key takeaways from recent incidents and lessons learned, including:

  • Recognizing common patterns of business email compromise attacks;
  • Identifying essential practices lawyers can implement to prevent against such attacks; and
  • Identifying immediate steps to take upon discovery of an email compromise to mitigate the harm to the firm.


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