9-Hour Program

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Attend this renowned program and hear cutting-edge analysis of federal initiatives and FCC regulations. Plus examine the latest negotiation and regulatory trends, current case law, and latest technology forecasts. Join the country’s leading outside and in-house counsel representing cable operators, cable programmers, and online service providers — and the regulators themselves — to gain an understanding of what has transpired in broadband and cable law over the past year and of where we might be heading.

What You Will Learn

  •  Hear about 2021 communications priorities of Capitol Hill, the White House, and the FCC
  • Learn how will merger and antitrust considerations will impact BigTech?
  • Analyze issues involving broadband deployment plans and infrastructure development
  • Review privacy and cybersecurity developments
  • Learn about what steps the FCC is taking to address accessibility 
  • Explore cable’s new technology initiatives

Credit Details

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