2-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

Blockchain has become one of the biggest buzzwords across the legal, technology, and financial fields. Join us for a half-day program where we will explore the issues that arise after you have gotten past the basic questions of “what is blockchain?” and “how does it work?” Listen to our speakers provide in-depth discussions on blockchain regulation and taxation, and learn more about how blockchain is used with smart contracts.

What You Will Learn

  • Review the evolving landscape of regulation for tokens and ICOs
  • Explore regulatory and enforcement actions regarding exchanges, advisors, broker-dealers, and investments
  • How are states bringing enforcement actions vis-à-vis blockchain?
  • Blockchain taxation issues
  • Blockchain use cases and smart contracts


Who Should Attend

In house counsel, outside attorneys,  and other professionals already familiar with the fundamentals of blockchain technology who are interested a deeper dive into developing legal issues.

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: In house counsel, outside attorneys, and other professionals using or doing business with blockchain technology

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of blockchain technology

Advanced Preparation: None  

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