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The global cosmetics products market has been valued at over $500 billion dollars.  In order for a cosmetics company to break into or to increase its share of this market, it must differentiate itself through its intellectual property.  Most cosmetics companies and their customers appreciate the value of trademarks, and how the goodwill associated with them can be used to increase the value of a brand.  But competition in this industry is fierce, and innovation is critical when trying to capture or to grow market share.  In order for cosmetics companies to be able to profit from this innovation while avoiding the infringement of competitors’ rights they must both understand the implications of recent developments in the patent law and how to develop a well thought out patent strategy.

Please join Scott D. Locke, partner and chair of the Intellectual Property Department at Dorf & Nelson LLP for a conversation addressing:

  • Strategies for identifying patentable innovations within a cosmetics company and for avoiding patent rights of third parties
  • Takeaways from the decision In re Bhagat, 726 Fed. Appx. 772 (Fed. Cir. 2018) for innovations that are directed to cosmetic formulations
  • Patentable subject matter related to the customization of cosmetics and beauty products
  • The use of design patent protection for product packaging and the interplay among design patent rights, copyright rights, and trade dress rights
  • Key issues in patent license agreements

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