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The rise of advanced genetic testing and direct-to-consumer DNA kits has ushered in a new world with mind-boggling legal implications. Come learn some of the risks, liabilities, and real life cases, resulting from our new reality.

Ellen E. Trachman, founder of Trachman Law Center, LLC, weekly columnist on assisted reproductive technology law for abovethelaw.com, and co-host of the podcast I Want To Put A Baby In You, together with Professor Jody L. Madeira, Professor of Law at Indiana University Bloomington and author of Taking Baby Steps: How Patients and Fertility Clinics Collaborate in Conception, will address:

  • Destruction of the once-promised anonymity to gamete donors and others and the legal repercussions to sperm banks, fertility clinics, donor-conceived persons, and their parents, among others
  • The deluge of daddy-doctor discoveries (where doctors used their own sperm, instead of the patient’s partner’s or the promised donor’s) and the advent of fertility fraud legislation
  • The clash of rights between knowledge of one’s own genetic history and privacy of others, and service provider culpability
  • Have we given up copyright in our DNA? (Serial killers, watch out. You are now more likely to be found.) 


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