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Sometimes solutions are unpopular when first proposed (think of the initial opposition to banning smoking in restaurants, or requiring masks in restaurants) but then they catch on, particularly if the threat being solved has increased.  Join three data veterans as they review some of the best unpopular ideas for cybersecurity and electronic discovery and see whether the objections hold up as the threat increases.  Require truly robust passwords?  Monitor activity of employees most likely to pose an insider threat to the organization’s data?  Outlaw the use of personal email accounts on organizational devices?  Make cyber hygiene a component of bonus compensation?   All great ideas, all deeply unpopular and rarely implemented.  Listen to three data veterans as they:

  • Weigh the potential effectiveness of disliked strategies
  • Consider whether or not the time for these disliked strategies finally has come
  • Explore future frontiers of unpopular solutions, including increased use of artificial intelligence and biometrics



Ronald J. Hedges, Senior Counsel at Dentons US LLP (former US Magistrate Judge)

Seth Eichenholtz, Head of E-Discovery and Insider Threat Risk Management at Mastercard

Patrick J. Burke, Data Technology & Cybersecurity Partner at Phillips Nizer LLP (formerly Dep. Superintendent at NYS DFS)



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