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Why You Should Attend
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has broad authority and discretion in respect to how it enforces immigration laws within the constraints of federal law and the Constitution. In January 2017, the President issued two Executive Orders, which directed ICE to prioritize the removal of more categories of immigrants in the United States than before and to more frequently use summary removal procedures and detention. The policies and practices encouraged in these executive orders would often bypass counsel and the due process protections afforded by removal hearings. 

This training is designed to provide immigration attorneys with the knowledge and tools to address – on an emergency basis - a wide variety of enforcement actions by ICE.  The training will focus on the immediate actions that attorneys may need to take on the day, or days after, someone is arrested and detained, whether in a targeted enforcement action against one individual or a larger raid involving many individuals. The training will also focus on efforts by advocates in Northern California to prepare for heightened enforcement actions by ICE.

What You Will Learn
  • A review of current ICE enforcement priorities and actions taken in Northern California
  • Practical tips when responding on an emergency basis to enforcement actions by ICE
  • Defending clients against different kinds of removal procedures that ICE may seek to use
  • Information on advocacy efforts in Northern California to respond to ICE enforcement efforts

    Who Should Attend
    Immigration attorneys interested in or currently assisting immigrant clients who may be subject to ICE enforcement actions, including private immigration attorneys and public interest and non-profit organization attorneys.  Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of immigration law.

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