1-Hour Program

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This program does not offer CLE credit in any jurisdiction.

 This One-Hour Briefing will address the mental health and well-being impacts and coping strategies associated with coming out of the pandemic, including:  expectations and uncertainty around returning to offices, what a “new normal” might look like, whether and to what extent video conferencing will replace in person meetings and court appearances, travel expectations and anxieties and stress around these issues and how to cope with the stress and identify PTSD and PTG.   

Topics include:

  • The pandemic:  individual and collective trauma; post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and opportunities for post-traumatic growth (PTG) (20 minutes)
  • Pandemic transition:  we’ve changed:  we have new values and priorities; we could not go back to “normal” even if we wanted to (20 minutes)
  • Post-pandemic:  what will life and business look like?  return to the office?   the future role of video conferencing (move virtual depositions, hearings and meetings)?   how to cope with uncertainties, expectations, obligations around in person activities, travel, conflicts with our new priorities (20 minutes)




Andrea L. Colby

Dr. Alan Manevitz

Joseph Milowic III


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