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Why You Should Attend

Featuring Cassidy Chivers and Suzanne Walsh of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP and Lawyering Law, our faculty discusses important legal ethics and professional responsibility considerations for attorneys and law firm management.  

Our faculty share helpful insights and practical approaches to addressing important legal ethics concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic created or sharpened.  Some topics covered include, technological competence, navigating court closures, client and opposing counsel communications, the duty of supervision and even lawyer mental health and wellness.  Crucially, the relevant rules and implications for client service are all discussed, leaving viewers with a useful understanding of what the obligation in question requires.  

 What You Will Learn

  • Technological competence - Model Rule 1.1 and how keeping up with required or new technology implicates the duty of competence
  • Duties of supervision - Model Rule 5.1 and how the pandemic can affect adherence to the rule
  • Navigating court closures and reopening, remote hearings, zoom trials, statutes of limitation issues - Model Rules 1.1 and 1.3 and fulfilling the duty of diligence and competence 
  • Communicating with clients, opposing counsel, and third parties – Model Rules 1.4, 1.6, 3.4 and 8.4
  • Lawyer and staff well-being - how maintaining well-being can implicate the duties of competence, diligence and supervision in your practice

Who Should Attend 

All attorneys should find this program helpful. 


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Credit Details

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