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This program features an open, candid discussion about attorney mental health and addiction concerns and how viewers can learn about these issues and ways to find help.  Our faculty also explores the current state of how attorney mental health and addiction is addressed in the legal industry and the cultural shift in how the issues are raised, discussed and managed by employers.

What You Will Learn

• Seeking help and showing colleagues they are not alone in experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues
• Tie-ins and parallels between the mental health crisis and the #MeToo movement – the elephant in the room and the problem whose time has come to be addressed
• National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being Report and the ABA Pledge - a cultural shift in how the legal profession addresses mental health and substance abuse
• What else should legal employers do?
• Getting help is not a legal career ender
• Resources for how attorneys can get help


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Credit Details

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