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Why You Should Attend

Cross border disputes are inherently costly and complicated, especially when international arbitration is involved. However, such factors no longer need function as deterrents for parties with meritorious claims worthy of pursuit. Third party funding is being rapidly adopted around the world as a means of financing international commercial arbitrations and investment treaty arbitrations. 

This Studio Briefing will explore what lawyers specializing in the field of arbitration need to understand about the funding options available for their claimants, as well as how the funding process works, the jurisdictions that have enacted legislation that acknowledges it, and how funders engage with and serve as a resource for claimants. 

What You Will Learn

• Explore arbitration funding and how it works
• Understand which jurisdictions have enacted legislation about arbitration funding 
• Hear arbitration attorneys discuss the ways their clients have used funding to pursue claims

Who Should Attend

Litigators, international lawyers, arbitrators and legal professionals interested in how international arbitration funding operates.  


Credit Details

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