1-Hour Program

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Digital healthcare software applications, robots and mobile devices are taking IT to the next level in patient care.   Please join William A. Tanenbaum and Liberty T. McAteer of Moses & Singer LLP as they discuss developments in software-as-a-medical device, the internet of medical things, body area networks and hand-held computing devices and their role in the IT infrastructure of digital healthcare. 

Topics to be addressed include:

  • The FDA approach to using software as a medical device (10 minutes)
  • The role of software-enabled devices as data banks (10 minutes)
  • The internet of medical things and the limitations of cloud computing (10 minutes)
  • Body area networks as the next internet of medical things (10 minutes)
  • The different types of robotics in healthcare (10 minutes)
  • Emerging contract issues and statements of work (10 minutes)



Credit Details