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Why You Should Attend

Money laundering is a fast-growing problem in today’s global economy. New financial technologies including online and peer-to-peer payment systems, prepaid access, cybercurrency, and crowdfunding have joined well-established methods of laundering the proceeds of criminal activity and have served as platforms for terrorist finance. As new financial products and services are developed, regulators have proposed or implemented regulations to prevent their misuse including requiring providers to implement compliance programs. In addition, there has been a growing focus on the use of shell companies, offshore entities, trusts, and other legal entities to conceal the source or control of funds used to purchase assets and make investments. And, because so many white collar offenses are money laundering predicate offenses, including tax violations, securities fraud, bank fraud, and other offenses, companies and professionals outside the financial sector need to be aware of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist finance (AML/CFT) laws and regulations.


What You Will Learn

• FinTech, cybercurrency, crowdfunding – what does it mean for AML/CFT regulation and compliance?
• Why you and your clients need to worry about AML/CFT compliance.
• Offshore entities, shell companies, and trusts – who are you really doing business with?


Who Should Attend

This program is designed for both in-house and outside counsel interested in gaining a practical, understanding of AML, as well as for accounting and financial advisors.


Credit Available: CLE, CPD, and CPE

Prerequisites: A background in the issues relating to acquiring or selling a privately held company, including financial sponsors, employee benefits, and structuring earnouts.

Other Prerequisite (PLI program, if necessary): None

Advanced Prep: None

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