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Employee-driven PACs have long been the primary means by which corporations have engaged in politics and elections. Four years of the Trump administration and the resulting violence at the Capitol on January 6 upended that status quo. With many companies placing their PAC contributions on hold, this Briefing will examine strategic options for corporations to use not only their PACs but also other legal means to engage in political and social issues in a way that employees and customers have come to demand.

Perkins Coie LLP’s Tyler J. Hagenbuch will discuss finding a legal solution to political business problems, turning your PAC back into an asset, other opportunities to use your corporate voice, and other topics such as lobbying, independent expenditures, and events. He will address:

  • Status quo, disrupted: Discussion of the traditional structure, and how the events of January 6 were the culmination of change that was already underway (10 minutes)
  • PACs and new PAC strategies: Corporate PAC legal overview, options for PACs, and other options (20 minutes)
  • Permissible corporate communications to the general public: Regarding voter registration, voters guides, voting records, and official election information (15 minutes)
  • Advanced topics: Candidate endorsements and press releases & Citizens United and corporate independent expenditures (15 minutes)




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