10-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

New media outlets and the growing importance of social networking continue to create new challenges for advertisers, who are fighting harder than ever to preserve and increase market share and to reach their consumers effectively. This program — updated to reflect current legal trends cutting across the advertising industry — is led by an expert faculty who will provide important strategies needed to stay on top of a continually evolving digital landscape. Top practitioners will share their expertise and provide practical tips for managing risk and avoiding pitfalls that arise when running interactive advertising campaigns. Covering topics such as promotions and sweepstakes, mobile advertising challenges, privacy considerations, claim substantiation and more, this expansive program will equip you with the tools you need to practice advertising law today.

What You Will Learn 

  • Learn about promotions and sweepstakes challenges, including issues involving legalized gambling
  • Analyze DMCA and CDA issues and when publishers are responsible for what others post
  • Manage online behavioral advertising and big data challenges
  • Navigate disclosure when the lines between commercial and content are blurred
  • Review takeaways regarding labeling and disclosures
  • Understand key developments in the digital ecosystem
  • Understand the SAG-AFTRA commercials contract
  • Analyze effective pricing and incentive structures that work
  • Explore strategies for in-compliance direct advertising communications; class action updates
  • Learn strategies for proper claim substantiation

Who Should Attend

Firm attorneys, in-house counsel, marketing executives, and allied professionals who practice in the fields of contracts, advertising, media, communications, trademark, and consumer protection law will benefit from this program.

Credit Details