2-Day Program

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Now more than ever, advertisers are fighting to preserve and increase market share and reach their consumers effectively. This program, updated each year to reflect current legal trends cutting across the advertising industry, is led is led by an expert faculty who will provide important strategies needed to stay on top of a continually evolving digital landscape, with a special focus on how the pandemic has changed the advertising business model. Learn practical tips for managing risk and avoiding pitfalls that arise when running interactive advertising campaigns. Covering topics such as promotions and sweepstakes, AdTech, on-line behavioral advertising, environmental claims and more, this expansive program will equip you with the tools you need to practice advertising law today.

What You Will Learn

    • Learn about promotions and sweepstakes challenges
    • Analyze DMCA and CDA issues and when publishers are responsible for what others post
    • Manage online behavioral advertising and big data challenges
    • Structuring sponsorship agreements during uncertain times
    • Analyze effective pricing and incentive structures that work
    • Understand comparative advertising and use of third party brands
    • Learn about key enforcements involving environmental claims 

    Special Features

    One hour of Ethics credit

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