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As social and business pressure grows for all sectors of the economy to respond to the climate crisis, how is this affecting the way ‘green’ advertising claims are being treated legally by regulators and other third parties around the world?   This session will explore and discuss the current regulations and enforcement “climate” around the world relating to the marketing of the environmental benefits of various products and services.   Members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance will provide an overview of some of the key developments in this including:

  • Green claims’ enforcement in Italy: from major trends to the recent renewed interest in the energy sector
  • Refresh on Canadian green marketing laws and guidelines and hear how Canadians consumers and regulators have been challenging green advertising claims
  • The ambiguity of green claims in Colombian advertising
  • From environment protection to sustainable development in France, a look at the increasingly comprehensive scope of the restrictions by the regulators and the SRO
  • Recent enforcement actions in the United States relating to green claims
  • And so much more…



Credit Details

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