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Why You Should Attend

In the current legal environment, with patent litigation on the decline (especially in the U.S.), patent licensing (and related transactions) are heating up. Experts in patent licensing will discuss how to negotiate patent license agreements, review examples of best (and, in some cases, worst) practices, and share current legal developments affecting patent licensing. Practical tips for structuring, negotiating and drafting patent licenses, with strategies for both the licensor and licensee, will be emphasized.

What You Will Learn

  • Get tips on monetizing patents and/or resisting monetization invitations
  • Explore patent and/or license enforcement considerations
  • Hear updates on the patent monetization environment in the U.S. and abroad
  • Learn best practices in drafting patent license agreements from experts at Silicon Valley’s best companies/firms
  • Discover litigation trends from recent years affecting IP licensing generally
  • Understand how specific court cases have (in some ways) expanded and/or (in other ways) shrunken patenting, licensing, enforcement and/or patent challenge opportunities
  • Learn how to update traditional patent licensing provisions considering recent case law
  • Identify frequently contested provisions and how to negotiate them
  • Find out the latest updates concerning Standards-Essential Patents and RAND licensing

Special Features 

  • Actual Agreements: analysis of varied provisions from actual patent license agreements by 4 national experts
  • Mock patent licensing negotiation by prominent patent licensing experts
  • Analysis, takeaways and practice tips from the recent blockbuster FTC v. Qualcomm decision

Who Should Attend

This program is geared toward those who need to offer patents for licensing, respond to patent licensing offers, draft and negotiate patent licenses, and enforce patent license agreements. In addition, intellectual property lawyers, corporate counsel, and others involved in the utilization of patents as business assets will benefit from attending.

Credit Details

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