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With new laws set to take effect on January 1, 2020 and additional legislative and regulatory changes looming on the horizon, cybersecurity, data privacy, and TCPA class action litigation in 2020 will look very different than it did in 2019 and in past years. To date, much of the legal regime in the United States has been determined through class action litigation, which in 2020 will be impacted by an array of new state laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act and state biometric and Internet-of-Things (IoT) legislation. International developments, including in Europe, also continue to impact the development of U.S. law and litigation. And proposed legislative and regulatory changes will impact the way cases are litigated in 2020 and beyond.  

Presented by some of the most creative and experienced plaintiffs’ counsel, defense litigators, and federal court judges, this advanced program will feature a technology tutorial designed to identify the latest threats and challenges, an exhaustive year-in-review update on the latest cases, circuit splits and trends, both a judicial panel and in-house panel to provide insights, perspectives and practice tips, extensive discussion of strategy on multiple panels featuring top lawyers and judges in the field, and very granular discussions of the latest class certification, motion practice and settlement trends, and techniques for valuing different types of cases.

What You Will Learn

  • Look “under the hood” at the technologies, business practices and mistakes that have led to some of the more significant recent cybersecurity breach and data privacy cases, with an advance technology tutorial
  • Hear from federal court judges on what they want to see from counsel in their courtrooms
  • Learn from in-house counsel on how to better represent companies in cybersecurity, data privacy, and TCPA class action suits – and how to avoid these cases
  • Fully understand the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act on cybersecurity and privacy litigation and case valuations – both in California and other states – and the measures companies can take to mitigate their risks
  • An exhaustive case-by-case, circuit-by-circuit, case law and strategy year in review updates
  • Consider the latest class certification issues, trends and strategies and how to value cases
  • Learn from a panel of experts on the “future of law” in this area – to be able to anticipate the new wave of cases  


Program Level: Overview.

Intended Audience: This program will be of interest to general counsel and in-house counsel at companies that face security cybersecurity breach, data privacy and TCPA exposure; litigators and transactional lawyers who defend or advise clients on data privacy, security breaches and advertising law, including TCPA issues; and chief information security officers, chief privacy officers and other allied professionals responsible for data privacy and security compliance.

Prerequisites: A fundamental understanding of basic concepts in data privacy, cybersecurity, TCPA class action litigation and the law.

Advanced Preparation: None.

Credit Details

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