10-Hour Program

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Please note that "ethics" in the program title refers to business ethics and compliance and ethics (“C&E”) programs. It does not refer to legal ethics and does not offer legal ethics credit. Please check the Credit Details section below for credit information in your jurisdiction.

Effective compliance and ethics programs are essential to companies of all kinds. Such programs help organizations prevent, detect and respond in an effective manner to misconduct. Compliance and ethics (“C&E”) programs are a necessary tool for managing the substantial risks that can be posed by employee and third-party misconduct, and assisting organizations in mitigating the harm from violations when they occur.

Companies with robust C&E programs minimize the likelihood of devastating criminal and regulatory actions — and also reap the reward of employee loyalty and customer and shareholder trust.  At this Workshop, experienced compliance officers and in-house and law firm attorneys working in the compliance field will learn about best C&E practices from faculty drawn from major corporations, law firms, academia, and the government.  They will provide you with the tools you need to enhance your program, protect your company and further your professional development.

What You Will Learn

  • New standards and recent case law — both in the U.S. and elsewhere
  • The role of “behavioral ethics” in corporate compliance programs
  • How to design and conduct C&E risk assessments
  • Creating a risk-based training and communications plan
  • Structuring and staffing your program to ensure sufficient independence, reach and clout
  • Receiving, investigating, managing and escalating allegations
  • Using incentives to promote compliance
  • How to perform effective compliance audits, program assessments, and compliance monitoring
  • Reporting to the board and senior management
  • Above all, you will learn how to develop and maintain a true “culture of compliance” at your company

Special Features

  • 2 hours of business ethics
  • Benchmark with your peers
  • Interactive format

Program Level: Advanced

Prerequisites: While not required, participants with a foundation in corporate compliance programs would most benefit from this program.  

Intended Audience: Experienced compliance officers, human resources professionals, in-house and law firm attorneys working in the compliance field, and staff responsible for compliance program management

Advanced Preparation: None

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