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 “Your First 90 Days in a Firm” features timely and practical insights on how to navigate life as a new lawyer at a firm.  Our presenters draw from their experiences as first-year associates and as current law firm partners, sharing their thoughts on best practices that new lawyers should adopt early in their careers, as well as conduct to avoid. 

 This program addresses some of the most basic questions that new associates may have about their roles and responsibilities, but it also delves into gray areas where new lawyers may be challenged to use their best judgment.  In every instance, our presenters discuss the varied perspectives and approaches that may work for a range of situations, often reflecting on lessons learned from real-world scenarios. 

 The practice of law continues to evolve and every law firm is different, but the standard for professionalism remains.  “Your First 90 Days in a Firm” offers helpful guidance for new lawyers looking to keep their first steps in the profession on the right track.

Topics Discussed:

  • Professionalism as a Member of the Bar
  • Work Product
  • The Billable Hour and the Business Side of Law
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Working with Firm Staff
  • Time Management, The False Deadline and Work Life Balance
  • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Building Your Reputation


Intended Audience:

Recently-admitted attorneys, experienced associates and senior attorneys should find this program helpful for their own guidance or as a point of reference to develop their leadership skills.

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