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White collar enforcement continues to be a top priority of the Department of Justice, SEC, CFTC, and other U.S. and foreign agencies. In recent years, the government has continued to focus on traditional priorities such as insider trading, market manipulation, and accounting/disclosure, and anti-corruption while moving aggressively into newer areas such as sanction, export controls, cryptocurrency, and electronic trading. Expectations for corporate self-reporting and cooperation continue to evolve. The government routinely uses investigative tools such as data analytics, review of communications on personal devices, and “knock and talk” interviews by federal agents. This unique program will give you the background and tools necessary to handle white collar cases and civil enforcement actions, and to design and implement effective compliance and risk management strategies. You will hear directly from current and former high-level officials in many of the country’s top enforcement agencies, along with in-house counsel and leading defense practitioners, about the current and future priorities for the government and the practical implications for your company or clients.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the enforcement priorities of key market regulators, including insider trading, market manipulation, accounting disclosure, and cryptocurrency
  • Gain an understanding of the law and practice regarding sanctions and export control enforcement in today’s environment
  • Evaluate the current expectations of key Department of Justice components with respect to corporate self-reporting, cooperation, and remediation



Credit Details

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