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This innovative, multi-part series takes a closer look at all things Web3.  From Coins and DAO’s to NFT’s, each session is led by experts in this emerging and evolving area of law, finance and technology.  

What You Will Learn

Session 1:   Not All Coins Are Created Equal

• Understand how tokens are used, tokens, in particular governance tokens, and how they work for decentralized organizations. 

• Understand the securities and other regulatory frameworks that apply to tokens. 

• What is the future of how web3 projects will incorporate tokens into their protocols?

Session 2:   I’m DAO With That

• Understand different types of DAO structures, how these structures might map onto traditional corporate forms, and the practical implications of operating through such structures.

• Understand how DAOs can shift decision-making from directors and officers to token holders and the challenges and opportunities presented by this allocation.

• Learn about the tax implications of organizing activities via a DAO.

Session 3:   NFT’s for Gaming & Creators – So … what exactly are you getting with that NFT?

• Understand the distinction between an NFT and regular cryptocurrency, and why this matters for IP rights holders and creators

• Learn about IP rights for NFT holders and different types of IP licenses

• Understand the role of marketplaces in the NFT ecosystem and secondary sale royalties and how they work (or don’t)

• Learn how NFT’s are used in gaming, and the impact of securities laws on NFT product design


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Credit Details

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