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The current wave of legal challenges to vaccine requirements have been brought pursuant to The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, and Title VII (Religious Discrimination).  Employers and even litigants in these cases confuse Title VII’s provisions with constitutional protections.  They also apply the same legal principles to state actors and private employers, although the legal analyses are very different.

Do political ideologies rise to the level of religious convictions?  Do employers have to accommodate a sincerely held belief that COVID-19 is a hoax, and the vaccine contains a tracking device?  Is there a difference between “undue hardship” analysis in Title VII as opposed to the ADA?  What are the discrete ADA, constitutional and Title VII issues surrounding attacks on employer vaccination requirements?

Topics include:

  • Requests for vaccine exemptions pursuant to the ADA (15 minutes)
  • Requests for exemptions pursuant to Title VII’s strictures against religious discrimination (20 minutes)
  • Constitutional issues surrounding vaccine mandates (25 minutes) 





Christopher A. Garcia

Garcia Law Group, LLC.


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