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Financial market participants increasingly rely on technological tools such as predictive data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), differential marketing and game-like features to provide financial services to customers.  These tools, which are also referred to as Digital Engagement Practices (DEPs), are common features used by financial market participants, including robo advisers, wealth management firms and digital brokerages as well as Insurtech firms. 

While these features can increase access, provide educational resources and enhance choice for investors, DEPs also raise potential investor protection concerns.  Regulators are seeking to identify whether DEPs encourage investors to trade more often, invest in different products or even change an entire investment strategy without sufficient awareness of the risks.  Moreover, DEPs may create potential conflicts between the financial services company and consumers when DEPs incorporate optimization functions which in some cases benefit investors but could also increase revenues for the company.

Faculty will discuss:

  • Current market practices, tools and methods used to develop and implement DEPs (including the role of AI/ML) [20 minutes]
  • Regulatory challenges and enforcement actions [25 minutes]
  • Ethical and public policy considerations [15 minutes]


Program Level: Update

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None




Steffen Hemmerich

Mayer Brown LLP


Tram N. Nguyen

Mayer Brown LLP


Ann Eberle Thomas

On Pepper


Bryan Weaver

Fidelity Investments


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