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The volatile landscape of the markets, the economy, and asset values at year-end 2022 is not only a problem for high-net-worth families but can also present some opportunities.  The right combination of assets and planning strategies can maximize the benefit of both charitable and family transactions at year-end 2022.  Long-term thinking for family and charitable transactions means the current environment can be turned to a strategic advantage.  Lower asset prices mean more value can be transferred using the right assets and structures. The rising availability of alternative investments (“alts”) like private equity, carried interests, intangibles, and commodities means wealth planning can use this class of assets as part of an effective overall planning strategy.

Join experts as they discuss:

  • A review of proven planning estate and wealth planning techniques and structures [15 minutes]
  • Selecting and transferring the right assets for family and charity [10 minutes]
  • The nature of alternative assets and valuing them [15 minutes]
  • Structuring transactions using vehicles and alternative assets [10 minutes]
  • Maximizing the benefit of alternative assets inside planning vehicles [10 minutes]


Program Level: Update

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None



Terry M. Lloyd, CPA, CFA

Finance Scholars Group


Chelsea J. Suttmann, Esq.

Barulich Dugoni & Suttmann Law Group, Inc.

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