3-Hour Program

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Why You Should Attend

We live in a time of rapid technological advancement. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition, autonomous vehicles and drones, and apps and wearables that collect and use personal information are constantly evolving. These technologies, some of which have taken on expanded roles due to the pandemic, raise legal and practical concerns for lawyers and their clients that should be addressed at the onset rather than managed after problems arise.

What You Will Learn 
  • Examples of new technologies
  • How new technologies might lead to regulation and give rise to litigation over their use
  • Cybersecurity laws that new technologies might be subject to and how to prepare attorneys and clients to comply with these laws
  • Ethical obligations of attorneys to understand new technologies so they are competent to use them and to advise their clients about them

Special Features

  • Half-day Program
  • Up to one hour of Ethics CLE Credit

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for all attorneys and allied professionals, whether in private, in-house or solo practice.

Program Level: Overview

Intended Audience: Attorneys and allied professionals whose clients develop, use, distribute or invest in new technologies. 

Prerequisites: An interest in the development, licensing, and application of new technologies.

Advanced Prep: None


Credit Details