1-Hour Program

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Here’s an approach to gain visibility and credibility among potential clients that few attorneys pursue. Focus on the industry groups where your ideal clients gather. What better way than to network with them, attend their events, speak and present on their panels and write articles for their newsletter? When you participate strategically with your clients in their trade associations, you’ll accrue multiple benefits.

You’ll learn to speak the language of your clients and referral sources. You will also grasp the nitty-gritty of their daily operational and legal issues. Step up to share insights of how prospective clients can protect themselves and be in compliance with regulations. When you actively participate in the trade association of your target market, you’ll demonstrate to potential clients many times over why you are the attorney of choice for that industry or profession.

Please join legal marketing expert Janet L. Falk, of Falk Communications and Research, and attorney Eric M. Sarver, of the Law Offices of Eric M. Sarver, as they address how to:

  • identify relevant associations (10 minutes)
  • team up with the leaders of the organization (10 minutes)
  • establish meaningful relationships with members at networking events and ask engaging questions that elicit insider information (10 minutes)
  • contribute to the group’s activities as a speaker, panel moderator or author (10 minutes)
  • tailor your elevator pitch to the perspective of the group and its members (10 minutes)
  • be aware of ethical considerations for advertising, referrals and confidentiality (10 minutes)

Get off the bench and take the field where your clients and prospects are already playing, as you show them that you know how to play their game! 

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