3-Hour Program

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As ongoing disruptions to global supply chains adversely impact critical manufacturing sectors—food distribution, construction supplies, automotive, and textile industries—companies continue to rethink strategies for tackling financial uncertainty.  Because the first line of defense against unforeseen loss and risks of liability for any company consists of tightly drafted contracts prepared by well-equipped attorneys, this unique course is essential to any practitioner negotiating, drafting, or advising on manufacturing, supply, and distribution agreements.  

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the causes and extent of supply chain disruptions
  • Analyze the impact of material shortages, tariffs, trade wars, workforce issues, freight and shipping issues and port delays on supply chain contracts
  • What manufacturing companies are doing to mitigate losses and recover
  • Identify key contract terms related to sustainability
  • Negotiating agreements from the buy- and sell-sides
  • How to develop contracting strategies for mitigating sustainability-related risks
  • Expectations for manufacturing markets in 2022 

Special Features: None

Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of supply-distribution contracts

Advanced Preparation: None

Intended Audience: In-house attorneys and outside counsel advising clients on manufacturing contracts including supply and distribution terms, litigation and international arbitration lawyers, market analysts and consultants


Credit Details