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Retirement today doesn’t look anything like we have seen before. Individual lawyers and legal institutions are now forced to cope in new and different ways with this highly charged emotional issue without any clear precedents or established rules of engagement to offer guidance. Both individuals and law firm leadership must not only consider organizational needs but also be sensitive to what people nearing traditional retirement age might be experiencing in order to develop workable retirement solutions that best serve all the stakeholders.

During this honest and engaging learning experience, Preferred Transition Resources director of coaching, Kathleen Brady will:

  • Debunk some widely held misconceptions about aging and “retirement” – 10 minutes
  • Brainstorm the breath and scope of post-practice available options – 10 minutes
  • Explore law firm needs and expectations - 10 minutes
  • Provide effective transitions plan paradigms to preserve your legacy - 20 minutes
  • Offer suggestions and strategies to engage in productive conversations to serve all the stakeholders – 10 minutes





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