1-Hour Program

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Video conferences and conference calls are tools familiar to employment lawyers. Now more than ever, we find ourselves using these platforms in new ways, including to resolve disputes of all kinds. Join Robin H. Gise, Chris M. Kwok, Michael J. Loeb and Deborah Crandall Saxe, four seasoned JAMS neutrals who have been conducting a variety of virtual employment mediations (including discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour claims) to learn more about what works, what doesn’t, and how you can use remote ADR with success in your practice.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Moving employment cases forward using virtual platforms: how does remote mediation compare to an in-person proceeding? How do lawyers and parties adapt?
  • Understanding the technology: an overview of what you need to know—breakout rooms, chats, screen sharing, document exchange and other essential tools
  • Preparing lawyers, parties and clients for virtual mediation: getting comfortable with the technology, the value of practice sessions, and the importance of continuing administrative support
  • Advocating effectively in an online environment: unique commencement tactics, reading the “virtual” room, screen-based communications, client engagement, and momentum building techniques
  • Closing the deal: executing settlement agreements virtually, following up post session
  • Experience-based discussion of the pros, cons and red herrings: confidentiality and privacy, cost and efficiency, and what the future holds


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