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Why You Should Attend

Legal incubators train and support lawyers to set up practices that provide affordable and accessible legal services to otherwise underserved clients. This full-day boot camp – now in its fifth edition – brings together individuals who lead incubator programs across the country. In addition, most of them operated solo, small, or nonprofit law firms in the past (and some still maintain a practice “on the side”). Today, these leaders coach, mentor, and work daily with lawyers to build modern law firms.

This program will benefit all lawyers who want to create sustainable law businesses and is especially geared toward those who seek to serve clients of various means including low- and modest-income clients. From set up to pricing to wellbeing to technology, this boot camp provides the tools entrepreneurial lawyers need to feel confident launching their practices.

What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Establish a meaningful law business
  • Identify the benefits and risks of technology use in their practice
  • Build a practice designed to serve the latent legal market
  • Offer clients transparent pricing and accessible legal services
  • Create healthy boundaries aligned with their professional responsibilities
  • Develop a professional identity to foster their career satisfaction

Who Should Attend

This program is intended for law students, new graduates, lawyers participating in incubator programs, lawyers or students interested in developing a solo practice. This program is specifically tailored to benefit individuals serving a modest-means population, but the program information will benefit all lawyers and law students interested in starting a law practice.

Special Feature:

Scholarships are available to attend this program.

Program Level:



An interest in learning best practices for starting a successful law practice.

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