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Why You Should Attend
New lawyers join the profession with many questions about the rigors of the practice and how to survive and thrive in it. Yet, it may take years before new lawyers at law firms and legal departments alike begin to develop tailored ways to balance work and life schedules, build relationships with clients, outside counsel or colleagues, manage stress and maintain physical and mental health that would prove effective against an attorney's schedule and the common demands and stressors in legal practice. In the meantime, new attorneys may develop bad habits and wellness blind-spots that could impact their relationships, their professional performance and longevity, physical health and mental well-being.

Having an effective self-care approach that addresses an attorney's individual personal needs is vital when striving to effectively manage work and personal challenges while carrying out professional and ethical duties at the highest levels over the span of a legal career. Our faculty will discuss aspects of their own self-care routines and share recommendations for new lawyers and seasoned attorneys who are simply new to the notion of attorney self-care.


What You Will Learn
• What kind of experience can a new lawyer expect when joining a firm or legal department? What are some common pressures a new lawyer may face?
• Duty of Competence and Legal Ethics - What is this form of “competence" and how could a new lawyer begin to navigate a "sink or swim" environment?
• Attorney Mentorship - Making the most of formal mentorship programs, developing relationships with informal mentors, advice for attorneys at firms without formal mentorship programs
• Considerations for new lawyers joining their organizations during COVID regarding mentorship, development, relationship-building
• The unique challenges for women lawyers and lawyers of color
• Self-care: What is self-care? What could a self-care regiment look like? Is work/life balance possible?
• What boundaries can one set regarding personal time, including responding to internal and client communications/emails?
• What can in-house lawyers do to consider outside counsel's well-being? What could outside counsel do consider the client's well-being?


Who Should Attend
New attorneys and experienced attorneys interested in self-care and attorney mental health.


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