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The law of Section 1983 continues to develop in the United States Supreme Court and lower federal courts on an ongoing basis.  Section 1983 litigators must have an in-depth knowledge of Section 1983 law and stay abreast of current developments.  The 39th Annual Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation program will provide a blend of new developments and legal analysis, including in-depth analyses of excessive force claims, qualified immunity, municipal liability, and malicious prosecution claims.

The highly experienced, accomplished faculty includes a law school dean who is one of the nation’s foremost constitutional scholars, a federal district court judge, law school professors, and highly experienced plaintiffs' and defendants’ practitioners. 


What You Will Learn

The program is designed to better prepare participants to:

  • Evaluate excessive force claims, including use of force against the mentally ill
  • Understand the current status of qualified immunity
  • Understand municipal liability and how courts determine who is a municipal policy maker
  • Apply the elements of a Section 1983 malicious prosecution claim




Program Level:  Intermediate

Advanced Prep:  None

Credit Details

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