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For more than a decade, student personally identifiable data has been a regular target for threat-actors trafficking personal information, which they usually bundle and sell to identity thieves. Absent a clear legal mandate for compliance, protection and security protocols, educational stakeholders and EdTech vendors should equip themselves with up-to-date best practices to stay prepared and diligent.

As such, it’s imperative education leaders and stakeholders act diligently to ensure their institutions and organizations are prepared, not only to comply with new student data privacy regulation but ensuring vendors up and down the supply-chain are compliant as well. In this timely session, a subject matter expert in student data privacy and security will discuss how educational institutions and vendors alike can understand and navigate the current regulatory landscape, identify threats, and increase privacy and security awareness.

Ryan Johnson, Chief Privacy Officer and data privacy counsel for Savvas Learning Company LLC (formerly Pearson K-12) will discuss:

  • Current state of student data privacy regulation, where we are, and how we got here (30 Minutes)
  • Ways to identify emerging threats to student data privacy (10 Minutes)
  • Best practices for increasing student data privacy and security awareness (20 Minutes)


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