1-Hour Program

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To honor and celebrate the enormous legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, two constitutional experts will discuss her work both as an advocate and as a Supreme Court Justice, her vision for “a more perfect union” and the impact her work has had on law and society.

Please join Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and Professor Amanda L. Tyler as they discuss:

  • Working for Justice Ginsburg and the lessons learned (5 minutes)
  • Advocacy for gender equality and the cases argued before the Supreme Court (10 minutes)
  • Majority opinions and famous dissents addressing gender discrimination, reproductive rights, disability rights, marriage equality, search and seizure, affirmative action, civil procedure and Native Americans (35 minutes)
  • Her legacy as an advocate and a Justice for lawyers and the country (5 minutes)
  • Audience questions and concluding remarks (5 minutes)



Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

University of California, Berkeley, School of Law


Professor Amanda L. Tyler

University of California, Berkeley, School of Law



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