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We all have heard that the best way to learn a lesson is to first make a mistake, but often times that's easier said than done. Making mistakes and receiving feedback about our mistakes can be difficult to handle, but the best performing teams have higher rates of reported mistakes due to psychological safety. Sure, the topic of professional self-care is trendy. But realistically speaking, do you know how to handle and address mistakes in a psychologically safe way? It's human nature to get defensive, worried, or to simply take feedback the wrong way. The goal of this program is to teach you how to best receive feedback, while understanding exactly why we take feedback the way we do. Unique to this session is the human resources perspective that compliments that best practices formed by attorneys. Specifically tailored to paralegals at all levels of experience, this program provides an in-depth review of why feedback is received the way it is while providing tangible and practical best practices to help you with your career development.

What You Will Learn:

  • We will share the truth about mistakes (that will be made in work and life) and how they can be learning opportunities.
  • Learn more about how to receive feedback and why we resist it.
  • Review tips for how to handle mistakes in a psychologically safe way

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