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Understanding and using data are increasingly important in the practice of law. Moreover, as volumes and varieties of data expand exponentially, data management becomes critical for attorneys and their staffs. This Briefing will use hypotheticals to examine the nature of data relevant to the practice of law, spot issues that data collection and use might present, and enable attorneys to use data in litigation and other areas of their practice. Among the topics to be addressed:

Introduction: (15 minutes)

  • What data literacy means
  • What is the nature of data
  • Dealing with large amounts of data
  • Communicating with data

Using data in the practice of law: (30 minutes)

  • Early case assessment
  • Document review and production
  • Admissibility

Additional topics: (15 minutes)

  • Data and researching case law, etc.
  • Privacy and cybersecurity concerns
  • What comes next





Hon. Bernice Bouie Donald

United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit


Ronald J. Hedges

Dentons US LLP


Mechie Nkengla Ph.D.

Data Products LLC


Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC



Credit Details

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