3-Hour Program

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This new program will address the unique regulatory issues that impact the nonprofit sector and the ways in which charitable goals can be achieved through innovative and nontraditional mechanisms that either border or mirror for-profit activities or systems. Expert faculty will discuss the latest developments and complex rules governing the nonprofit sector and new ways to achieve charitable and philanthropic goals.

What You Will Learn

  • Focus on nonprofits’ use of for-profit-like mechanisms and activities
    • Review key nonprofit basics, governance, and reporting issues relevant when employing alternative revenue methodologies and innovative approaches to achieving charitable goals
    • Examine nontraditional ways for nonprofits to sustain themselves (e.g., cause marketing, MRIs)
    • Assess charitable innovations on the for-profit border (e.g., joint ventures, social enterprises)

CPE Credit

CPE Program Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Intended Audience: Attorneys and other professionals who work with nonprofit organizations

Other Prerequisites (PLI program, if necessary): A background or interest in working with nonprofit organizations.

Advanced Prep: None

Credit Details