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Everyone who handles estate administration has a way of dealing with things, often developed over the course of many years, making it all too easy to miss out on new approaches (and technologies) that can simplify this task, eliminating drudgery, minimizing the chance for error, and increasing client satisfaction. 

In the beginning, of course, everything was done with pen and paper, but then came the personal computer revolution, with Excel spreadsheets and Word/PDF documents becoming de rigueur.  Some lawyers even took it a step further, using general accounting packages such as QuickBooks.  

Dan Stickel, CEO of EstateExec, will discuss modern practices for the nitty gritty of estate administration.  Topics to be addressed include:

  • Impact of the Fintech revolution on estate accounting, including automatic download and categorization of estate transactions, and accounting reports (15 minutes)
  • Automatically calculating executor compensation the correct way (15 minutes)
  • Easy value determination, including online resources and automatically accounting for stock splits (10 minutes)
  • Automatic court form documents (10 minutes)
  • Coordinating executor activity online (10 minutes)


Program Level:  Update

Intended Audience:  Attorneys, accountants, CPAs, estate-planning and financial-planning professionals involved in estate administration

Prerequisites:  None

Advanced Preparation:  None



Credit Details

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