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Why You Should Attend

Negotiation Workshop for Lawyers is one of our longest-running programs, and in its new two-day format, the Workshop will continue to deliver an engaging and unique learning experience. On day one, program attendees will learn negotiation theory, technique and strategy. On day two, attendees will have the opportunity to put those lessons to the test with a mock negotiation of a legal matter that may resemble transactions encountered in everyday practice.  Crucially, attendees will learn the building blocks for successful negotiations, what kind of negotiators they are, and the various styles and techniques their future negotiation counterparties may employ in real-life practice.

During day one of the program, attendees will be immersed in negotiation’s foundational concepts as they are taught a range of preparation techniques, styles and negotiation strategies to be applied in a variety of situations and bargaining positions.  During day two, attendees will be given time to prepare for a hypothetical negotiation exercise that will take place later that morning.  During the hypothetical exercise, attendees will square off with exercise partners and test their retention of what was taught the day before.  Revealing and educational, this program will refresh any attendee’s notion of what good negotiation preparation and execution looks and feels like.


What You Will Learn

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare for every stage of a negotiation
  • Choose between an “adversarial” (distributive) or “problem-solving” (integrative) strategy
  • Decide between a cooperative and competitive style
  • Get, give, guard, and control critical information in a negotiation while avoiding psychological and ethical traps
  • Use argument, appeal, threat or promise to persuade your opponent
  • Plan and effectively communicate distributive and integrative offers
  • Know when and how to concede without losing credibility in a distributive negotiation

Who Should Attend

This program will benefit all attorneys who negotiate. Whether you are in solo practice, with a small or “mega” firm, a corporation or a government agency, effective negotiation skills are essential to the successful practice of law.


Special Features:

  • Participate in a mock negotiation exercise on day 2
  • Earn up to 10.5 transitional Skills credits


Program Level: Update

Prerequisites: An interest in honing your negotiation skills.

Advanced Preparation: None


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